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Our Story

Blossoming Hearts - Nonna

Blossoming Hearts Care Agency started as a small family run care unit in Nottinghamshire caring for an elderly lady for eight years. Our love for caring grew stronger and stronger over this eight-year period as we watched this ladies quality of life improve enormously.


Our passion did not go unnoticed, a visitor from the CQC noticed the high standard of care that our lady was receiving and the utmost dignity and respect we had shown and asked if we had considered opening up our own agency- a year later we did exactly that.  Our love for caring was found within our hearts and thanks to this wonderful lady Blossoming Hearts exists today.  


Our passion has clearly paid off after Blossoming Hearts Care Agency being awarded the Top 10 Recommended Home Care Agency in the East Midlands for the past two years running. 

Blossoming Heart's remains a small family run business within the Grantham area providing high-quality person-centred care to service users. At Blossoming Hearts the quality and person-centred care our service users receive is out top priority.

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